Asmbly MFT Table Design/Plans

I’ve been asked several times in the past, and three times in the recent months about the MFT table design and wether or not I had plans available. Plans are in fact available for the tables, but they’re only 1/2 baked. So use at your own risk.

Here’s a link to the plans:

And here’s the directory with the working files required to cut the tops on the CNC:


This is now in the general Asmbly Shared drive OPEN - Projects folder along other great hits like your outfeed table design file you added there :slight_smile:


@jiggliemon do you have a link to the insert plate this was designed around? Or does anyone have one they can recommend?

Also, do you have fusion files for the other .ngc files like the alternate top and side?

Thanks!! Super awesome design btw

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