Asmbly @ Ikkicon

Hey we are looking for volunteers to hang out at a table at Ikkicon, Austin’s Premier Anime convention. The event is 12/31 to 1/2/22 and we wouldn’t need people there all the time. My idea is that there would be a tv with a running reel and perhaps have people at the table for like an hour or two each day to answer questions.

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I’m available to help.


Thanks @tomthm! It would be great to get at least a few more people committed to help, especially with setup/breakdown. If the booth will be unmanned most of the time (which it sounds like it will), maybe we don’t want to go through the trouble of taking the prize wheel? Could also just have a sign advertising when to come back to spin the wheel for a prize and have it there as an attention getter and something people can play with in our absence. I’m happy to help get materials printed to have on hand.

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