Asmbly/anyone want a singer treadle machine?

I don’t want to throw it away but it’s taking up too much real estate in our already small garage, so if Asmbly or any of it’s members want it, it’s $free.95.

A neighbor was getting rid of this machine and we grabbed it for a restoration project that I haven’t gotten around to and don’t see myself doing anytime soon.

It appears fully functional, everything turns smoothly, and I have a brand new belt for it.
Caveat being as you can see there are no drawers, and one of the wheels are missing

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These old machines are wonderful. They can work really well, and are beautiful to boot.

I already have 2 old Singers, and so I don’t want to get more, but I do hope someone grabs this beauty.

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Here’s a detail shot of the crazy engraving on the side :eyes:

It’s so incredibly gorgeous! :heart_eyes: Makes me wonder if it could be a lobby showpiece, maybe in the awkward corner under the TV? @ashleyrlee , thoughts? It’d need some fixing up for the table I think, but the machine itself is simply stunning.


Yes sounds good to me


Groovy, I’ll be in the shop tomorrow at some point so I’ll bring it over

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Delay of game, forgot it yesterday, lol.

It’s in place, I left the pack of belts on the table in case anyone wants to get it running


I’ll be in today and give it a shot. This machine is so cool and looks great in the lobby.

Nice, thanks @DirtHurt! With it being in the lobby it’d be more of a display piece than anything, but certainly cool if it could work and be demonstrated to someone as a cool antique machine.

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The left hand side, with the table extended would be another good place to exhibit members work

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My wife would love to have this if it’s still available

They make great dust collectors! I keep this Singer 66 on my office shelf because I love the swing out friction drive motor attachment.