Asmbly Active Member Survey

Hey Everyone,

In case you missed it, we’re looking to collect feedback from current members of Asmbly.

We value the opinions and suggestions of all our members. After all, Asmbly is run by members, for members. We’d appreciate it if you could take a few seconds to fill out the survey to help us better understand how to serve you, the membership.

This is your chance to let us know all of your thoughts, opinions, and suggestions. Feel like something could be done better? We want to hear how! Think that Asmbly is perfect in every way (hah!) and want to let us know? Please tell us that too.

I’m not re-posting the survey link here since this forum is open to non-members as well, but you can find the survey link in the post-workday email we sent out on August 29th titled “Work Day Recap & Short Member Survey.”

Let me know if you’re having trouble finding it and I can send it to you.