ASK/BUY: large-ish, clear-ish acrylic remnants

It’s Scare for a Cure build crunch time again, which of course means we’re scrambling for some last-minute supplies…

This time, I’m looking for 2 partial sheets of acrylic, of a minimum size of 22”x53”. They don’t strictly need to match, but at least one 22”x53” panel needs to be clear and the other needs to at least be mostly translucent. Any thickness 3mm or thicker.

Update: Yup, I actually meant 22x53". I originally thought 48" would do, but unfortunately as I confirm my project measurements, I find that 48" isn’t quite enough length.

Happy to pay market rates, but of course we’d very much appreciate any (tax-deductible) donations. :smile:

Also always happy to arrange for behind-the-scenes tours if you are interested.

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Is it absolutely necessary there is no seam? Since sheets are sold in 4x8s thats going to be really hard. I have some that can be weldon’d together.

Indeed, I never keep sheets that big. I’ve got several partial sheets of acrylic but none to that spec

I could get away with patching together smaller panels on the back, but it is highly desirable for the front panel to be all one piece, yes.

To clarify my application a bit: I’m building a faux stained glass window into an existing stagecraft Gothic arch frame. I’m going to sandwich a printed design in between acrylic sheets and backlight it. Keeping the front sheet coherent helps with the illusion that the whole thing is actually (unbroken) glass.

I can buy full sheet(s) and cut to fit if needed, just trying to save some budget if feasible.

I think you’re unlikely to find a person with a ripped off-cut. Most people cross cut acrylic for most applications.

Yup, I’m realizing that as well now that I have the actual measurements worked out. Figured might as well ask, though. :cowboy_hat_face:

I will most likely just buy a full sheet next week. Is Allied next door still a decent local source?

Yeah they’re fine. Call around all the different places and get a quote. Some are cheaper for certain things than others.

So, yeah, turns out Allied had just what I needed. Donny over there helped me look through their remnants and “scratch and dent” piles and found a couple partial sheets we can use and he gave me a very reasonable deal on it. Definitely a good experience.

Regardless, thanks to everyone here for considering options.

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