April 7th CNC Special Interest Group (SIG) Meetup - Making Signs!

Howdy y’all!

It’s getting closer to that time again–the CNC SIG April Foolhardy Extravaganza! This month our theme is signs! Make 'em silly, fun, and enlivening.

Make it functional, or artistic, but don’t be a statistic.
Come share your interests with us–it’s never a bust!
We support you and cheer you on, as we watch you build your song.
Through night and day, you toil away.
It’s incredible to see us all grow together,
But when we falter, it’s never better
Because when we’re with friends, it’s impossible to stray
As with all of us, to CNC gods, we pray.

April is the month to act silly–not just only on the first! Looking forward to exploring new CNC avenues with everyone on Sunday, 9:00am, April 7th at Asmbly in the Multipurpose Room. And also, remember, there’s an incredible eclipse that following day if you people want to experience the TOTALITY of a CNC meet-up PLUS see the moon smiling back on us. “Darkness, my old friend…”

As always, we welcome anyone who’s new to the CNC and who would like to meet up with other CNC enthusiasts to further explore their art and determine where they would like to go CNC-wise. There’s no requirement to make a sign to join, but making signs can be fun, and that’s why we decided to do it :slight_smile:

Zoom link for those attending remotely: Launch Meeting - Zoom

For an example of the CNC SIG we had last month: March CNC Recap - Mixed March Madness 3/3/24

Hope to see ya there!


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