[APPROVED] Textiles area proposal

Hey everyone. I wanted to share my proposal for building out the textiles area. It’s long-ish, but the summary is:

  1. Clear out the area (it will take over 1/2 of coworking)
  2. Repair lighting overhead, and add some power outlets
  3. Assemble desks for sewing machines, and get a new chair for each
  4. Build central work table
  5. Buy additional machines and supplies in an incremental fashion, as the space fills out

ASMBLY Textiles area proposal PDF

And if this is an area you have either expertise in, or interest in helping with, I’d love to know who you are. I’ve got some mobility challenges, so I’ve got some limits on my physical contributions, but this is an amazing community, and I know we’ve got tons of experience out there.

One high value help would be for someone to do some maintenance on our Juki industrial machine. It needs a new belt, and for someone to do a thorough cleaning/oiling.

There are also a few items that would be great to gather second hand, and it would be great to have several in the community looking for those things. Examples include a dress form, clothing hanging rack on wheels, and so on. Please clear donations to this area through me or James.

Thanks to @annaB for her ideas in putting this together, @cjp for the great example proposal for the electronics lab, @jamesfreeman for most of the ideas on vinyl cutting, heat press, sublimation printing, and for all the work that has already been done in the space.


Thank you so much for all the work putting this proposal together @stepho! I’m excited to see this area of the space develop and get the attention it deserves.

The board has approved this proposal and is going to use some of the funds from ILHIGH to go ahead and purchase the heat press and sublimation printer sooner rather than later :tada: We’re ironing out desk details and will get those purchased within the week, so biggest immediate need will be that #1 item – clearing out the area. Does anyone have good suggestions for the chairs we should get?

Hi Stephannie, I’m not familiar with the Juki industrial machine but have been watching youtube videos on these lately. What model is it? If it’s not really specialized I may be able to figure out how to service the belt and clean/oil. Do we have the belt already or it needs to be ordered?

@johntolman - thanks for being willing to learn on this.

Here is the wiki page for the Juki. This should give you some focus for your research.

As for the belt, there are some unanswered questions about the specifics on what we need, because it has been modified with the speed control. So in the short term, just continue research, and I’ll get in touch when the belt question is sorted out, and it’s ready for some TLC. Thanks!

Sounds good. The manual doesn’t indicate what size belt should be used anyway, I guess because the motors can vary based upon setup. Do we have any sewing machine oil or should I order some? I’ve never ordered anything for the shop and I’m not sure how that works.

We do have sewing machine oil.

Haven’t looked at it in a while but I believe it’s just a standard v belt. you can just measure it with a string if you don’t have the old one.
You can pick up a belt at any auto parts store

Thanks @EricP - appreciate your experience, as always

I cleaned up the Juki and I oiled all the oil spots I could find. I think there may be a wick missing from one spot on the top, but I haven’t been able to find them available online yet.

The v-belt size is 3L420, if someone could order a replacement. I didn’t have any thread to try it, but if someone else has experience using it and has thread maybe they can test it out to see if it needs any other adjustments.

Tremendous. Thanks you!!

I’ll get the belt sorted out and bring some thread in to test it out.