Anyone with big laser experience open to collab on a project?

Hello, I’m new around here and I’m hoping to get into the shop this weekend to work with the big lasers. Does anyone with experience plan to be there either later today or sometime tomorrow?

I am building a cocktail making machine and designed it in fusion 360. I would like to do a few small tests with the laser to see how the cuts come out and how everything aligns.


I am available Sunday after 1pm and can help. If Sunday does not work my schedule is fairly flexible this week.

Hi David, thanks for your disposition. I’m scheduled for a 1-on-1 woodshop orientation today from 2 to 4:30pm. I’m happy to stay afterwards and work on the laser with you. If that’s not a good time, I can make arrangements to come in Monday or Tuesday per your availability.

Monday or Tuesday afternoon through the evening works better for me this week.

Great, I’ll be sure to have my artwork files ready. I can be there after 6pm on either day, preferably Monday if that works.

Great Monday works for me. See you then.


Just wanted to put a wrap on this topic with a big thank you to @David for helping me out with some laser tests last Monday. What you showed me really opened up a lot of possibilities and set me up to better understand Bryan’s Laser intro class later in the week. I truly appreciate it! :pray: