Anyone want to teach cutting board or wood epoxy classes?

So I just asked my mom what she would like for Christmas and she asked if I could make a cool cutting board for her. It would be awesome to take a class on cutting board making and get tips on doing intricate glue ups. I’d also love to take a class on using epoxy resin in wood projects.

If anyone is interested in teaching these classes they would also be great marketing for the space for folks who want to DIY some gifts this year!


I’ve thought about teaching a cutting board class before – could be very fun. I’m still not sure how it would work exactly – would the students source their own wood, or buy it from the teacher, or could it be included in the price of the class? How many students would make sense (I imagine it may get crowded with more than two or three, because everyone would be on the same step and would have to use the jointer, planer, table saw, drum sander, etc at the same time) Same with clamps, which may become scarce with too many students.

If anyone has thoughts I’d be interested to hear.


I did some custom cutting board for wife to give to her family for Christmas. I can share what I did and answer any questions if you like if you want to try to get something done for Christmas


My first thought was that only way to run it would be to have everybody make the same project with materials supplied by the instructor and included in the cost of the class, but with COVID occupancy limits maybe it could be more of a studio-time type thing where students bring their own materials and work with the instructor somewhat individually to figure out how to assemble what they way.

There are probably audiences for both turnkey and studio-hours style classes.

Agreed clamps are probably the limiting factor for parallel builds, but I think with the current absolute maximum of four students it wouldn’t be an issue.

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That looks great Brian. I can’t tell – is that recipe written on there by hand or is it CNC’d/Lasered on there with a scan of an old handwritten recipe? Nice job

I was wondering about format as well. I think it would be simpler to teach it as an information course with 1-2 office hour sessions. For example, you could have as many as 10 students (post covid of course, I think the max now would be 3 students) who would watch and learn as you demonstrate the process. You could walk them through choosing wood, choosing the design, how to measure wood for the design, using the planer/jointer/table saw, how to glue up the pieces so everything is flush and level. And then when you get to that stage, you could pull out a pre-glued board to continue the process and show them how to shape the board, sand it, and options for coating.

The students will then be able to go source their wood, choose their design, and get started on their own cutting board during their own woodshop reservation times. If you wanted to, you could also offer “office hours” where you would be present in the woodshop maybe a week after class one evening so that students could bring their project in and ask you questions or get help with their specific ideas.

And, if the class goes well and you find a good flow for lessons we could film the class and offer it for sale on hackerspace site so both the teacher and the space would make money without having to come in person for the class.

Just some ideas.

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It was a scan of a hand written document, laser etched in, filled with brass powered and sealed with CA glue


I’ve thought about this, based on another conversation.
Glue up cutting boards would be very difficult for one class, but a slab cutting board would not be. Epoxy is probably not a great idea for throwing in. It’s expensive, takes time, etc… A class on only epoxy would be good, but informational maybe.

I was thinking about starting with rough lumber, and taking it through jointing, planing and dimensioning with maybe a resaw. Then shaping a simple shape. The idea is to provide some good skills that enable people to work with a wider variety of lumber than 4s4 from the big box.

Instructor provided board.
Skills / tools:
Planing sled
resawing (optional)
table saw

Final finishing would likely be homework afterward

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Would love to get a class like this on the books! If anyone decides to take this on, email to let us know. We also have a quick form for teachers to fill out so we can get events in Neon here.

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@valerie, I could teach a class. I used to make cutting boards with my daughter who sold them on Etsy. We could approach it from various aspects. We could do butcher block style and glue ups, laser etched decorative cutting boards, CNC/router table/hand routed drip channels. We could address selection of wood, cutting board treatments which are non-toxic don’t go rancid. For people who have had the wood shop And want to make their own from scratch we could address grain direction, warpage, glue selection. We could go from the rough cut lumber from Fine hardwoods Prepared by Jointing, squaring up, ripping, planing, sanding, gluing. They could be shaped with a bandsaw or CNC.
For those who don’t have the skills, we could offer a pre-cut kit. If they just want to laser Etch They could buy blanks. I could also build a CNC file to cut a drip line and do it for them while they watch if they are not signed off on CNC. I could do the same thing with the router table. It would be better if they already possess the skills
In addition to the informational and safety classes, we could offer a separate workshop with additional handholding For people that need additional instruction. I could do a separate day for people needing help with glue ups in time to dry for the workshop. I have thought we should have more workshops that were relatively cheap so more people could participate. I think the class should be open to nonmembers, but they should be members if they want to use the equipment. This will encourage joining. It could be good advertising. They did that to TechShop before it closed down. Some of the instructors and some of the students were not members. We’re not even allowed access to TechShop unless they were in the class or joined as a member. The woodshop instructor I had there was from woodcraft. He was not a member. I I’ve had several people at woodcraft ask me about Hacker space. They have not even been in there. This could be a source of referral for us. If you want someone else to teach the class besides me, I would be willing to help.

I’m up for a class on this.

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@Fmartin great! @cfstaley emailed an outline of what he’s planning to teach and we’re working out specifics on dates. It may be a good idea to talk with him some and see what ways y’all can diversify your classes – there are certainly a lot of special topics on this subject that could be covered in various courses. Once you’ve figured out the specifics, email with the details and we can go from there.

Also, just so you know we don’t restrict classes to only members. And yes, Woodcraft is chalk full of some really great woodworkers that keep saying they’ll come check us out. We’re very strategically positioned super close to them and Fine Lumber; as a wood worker I love it!

@Fmartin let’s talk. I don’t have all of the expertise you were bringing up. I was going to focus on rough lumber processing, and maybe resawing. Then shaping and trim routing. Cutting boards are a great item to start with, because at it’s most basic, you’re simply trying to make a smooth slab. From there, you can go up to jointing many pieces into a larger piece of wood, adding shapes, etc. They’re a great focus for many tools and skills.

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Yes let’s talk. I see you often at hackerspace. I have a class there tommorrow, will be talking to Eric beforehand. My son is off tommorrow and will be spending time with him. We can speak in person or over the phone. Looking forward to working with you!

Just a thought, we could probably get someone from Woodcraft to teach an epoxy class since they carry materials for it.

My mom wants me to make her something like this: I’d like to use epoxy instead of paint.

FYI - @cfstaley’s Rough Lumber to Cutting Board class is on the schedule! Check out the class on or directly here. Spots will probably go fast for this one, so be sure to register ASAP!


Hi y’all! Charlie is starting us out with this class, working with rough lumber toward the cutting board goal…!

I am teaching a class tomorrow on zoom And an in person class on Sunday. I’m going to post the zoom link publicly. I am not sure the messaging system was working correctly.
And I believe there’s one spot still open.

Welcome to the Hardwood cutting board class. I will post a Zoom link to the meeting at 5:00 pm tomorrow
@timur @timafeich @cbmeadors
My Name is Fred Martin. My cell phone is 512-657-2598. Please call me if you have ANY questions or concerns. text me just before you call so I know it is not a spammer. If you need help with Zoom, call me anytime from now until the meeting. I can walk you through it. If you want to test it before hand, I can set up a test meeting. If you feel like sharing your phone number, I could contact you if any problems arise with the meeting.

I am off all day today and am happy to speak with you at any time.


Here is the link

Hi there,

Fred Martin is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Fred Martin’s Personal Meeting Room

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Meeting ID: 675 046 4092

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If you haven’t signed up yet, you can still sign up - Hardwood Cutting Board Class - special rate!

Looks like I joined the Hackerspace just days too late. How did the class go @Fmartin ? Would you be willing to teach it again soon?

Novice/no experience woodworker looking for a good project to get started on :slight_smile: