Anyone here made a standing desk?

Was thinking on the idea of a standing desk with a live edge slab. Anyone have experiences they would care to share?

No experience with the standing desk portion, but I do a lot with live edge slabs. Bighest thing is usually processing them from their raw state to a flattened state. CNC is great for this.

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The easy way would be to get a motor kit with legs and then do the live edge and mount it to said legs, IMO.

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I wonder how hard/expensive it is to find one with a suitable weight limit. I was looking at this recently and want to say the one I was looking at that was motorized was 250lb limit. Depending on the slab, that could get limiting pretty quickly.

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Ignore the current mess but I did home depot butcher block countertop and amazon standing desk legs. All i did was round edges, sand, finish and screw in some threaded inserts. Countertop is 6ft long and quite heavy but works just fine. I can find the legs i bought - it was like $200 ish


Amazon Link
I would at least make sure to get dual motor

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The Uplift V2 is available as a bare frame rated for 355lbs

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Thanks everyone! Loads of good information here, and gives me exactly the starting point I was hoping for.

Uplift had a showroom down on Burnet/Anderson but I don’t know if it survived Covid. Their warehouse is right around the corner from the space.

IKEA has a wide variety of manual and powered adjustable standing desk frames which can hold up to 150 lbs.