Anyone have thick clear acrylic scraps?

I have a project idea that I would like to prototype without buying full sheets/custom cut pieces of expensive acrylic. I would happily pay a few bucks for remnants/scraps if anyone has some available.

18mm (~3/4”) thickness would be fantastic, could work with thinner stock. Looking for crystal clear if possible, but also flexible on exact color as long as it has some decent light transmissivity. This is for an edge-lit aesthetic.

Pretty flexible on surface area, but bigger is better for this prototype. A “full width” piece would be awesome (ie the 4’ side of a 4x8’ sheet, or whatever metric sizes full sheets actually come in).

How big of a piece do you need? Do you want to laser this?

Yes, I intend to laser cut it. Final project might use CNC, with individual pieces on the order of 48”x12” or so.

But for now I really just want to experiment with laser cutting some various shapes and seeing how the light works with them. I’d be happy to prototype with much smaller pieces.

I used a piece a few years ago with my kitchen using LED strips lighting from above so the bottom shone. I’ll try to upload a video of the installation. One of the light strips could be programmed to go through color changes. The other for just white light.


Lovely work, @David78737. My project is in the same general aesthetic, but different. :slight_smile: I’m just in the prototyping stage to feel out how different I really want it to be.

I guess you don’t have any remnants you are willing to part with? :cowboy_hat_face:

I made a vacuum chamber and cut a circle from a square piece to cover it. 3/4” thick

I still have the corners or at least three. 6” on a side with the radius cut out. Not a lot there.

I don’t know your design but light will refract anywhere the surface is frosted. But the light needs to be directed at the edge of the material to get the effect on the face(s) or opposing edge.

It’s one of those situations where less is more

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OK, so if I understand correctly, you have leftovers from a circle cutout shaped like the white region below and about 6" on a side?


That is small for my ultimate plan, but I’d happily take it for the purposes of experimenting with some cuts and/or surface etching effects.

@J-LoM I’m leaving a scrap of 1/2" thick cell cast acrylic in the laser room cabinet with your name on it.

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Fantastic, thanks!