Anyone have paid Sketchup and able to help get a dwg/dxf?

Sketchup requires the paid version in order to download a dwg or dxf of your model. Does anyone by chance have a paid version and would be able to take my Sketchup file and download it in the other formats?

:pray: :awesome:

@JoeN I can’t remember if you had one

Let me check. I think I can through my edu login

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Sorry I looked. I don’t have any special privileges and they want money.

That would be me I suppose

Thanks for checking @JoeN! Thanks @Devmani, I’ll message you directly.

I’m looking more closely at the login. I think I do have a free educator version

@valerie share the file with me whenever

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Thanks @JoeN! I’ll remember that for next time. @Devmani was able to convert it for me.

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You can download a DXF plugin here: Camel Up meeple by tabicat - Thingiverse

Some guy made this years ago and I snagged it before he mysteriously deleted it.