Anyone have any maker social media accounts?

What’s up! I just made an Instagram to post some of the things I make, and I’m looking for local accounts doing cool things to follow.

My Instagram is @adamgmakes, if anyone wants to take a look at mine, but please post yours if you have one! I’d love to see. If you’ve got a Facebook or YouTube or Google+ or anything, I’d love to see that too.


i don’t, but i have a buddy who is @ junkdrawermaker on IG. thats the only one i know of personally

i actually just started mine as more of a business side-hustle rather than just a maker account @rl3_designs


Thanks for this! I haven’t been posting too much, but I’m @ kyeflans on Insta. Maker channels i love include
@ secretsaucemanufacturing (joe:)
@ atxhackerspace (!)
@ beastwerksmetal (so great and humble)
@ modestliving25 (local guy)
@ makevillestudio (Brooklyn)
@ reverie_woodworks (YUM - process-oriented)
@ makerswomen (which doesn’t have specific shop projects but does have helpful content for sharing a shop with people of all genders)
@ ghostpepperglass

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I tweet about FreeCAD and Debian (and other misc. stuff) @ thekurtwk