Anyone got a chainsaw?

Hey guys. I’ve got a tree that is making big problems and needs to be brought down. I don’t personally own a chainsaw or any other tree murdering tools and was hoping someone may be willing to lend a tool and possibly a hand at some point in the future (indeterminate and not really urgent) in exchange for some beer, pizza, etc?

It’s a small tree but not an insignificant amount of cutting involved. Branches don’t need to be hauled off property, I’ll probably burn them later with the rest of the tree refuse that the yard came with.

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Forgot to add I’m in Pflugerville

If you have a sawzall with a tree pruning blade you can cut it pretty quickly.

At this point I have nothing, I’m just moving to Austin. You think I circular saw is the right tool?

We’ve typically rented tools at Rent Equip

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Be careful if go with a circular saw. It has some kickback. Frankly I would avoid the circular saw.

If you have absolutely no concern for life or limb, you can get a chainsaw angle grinder attachment :fearful:

Every time I’ve been at the Home Depot rental counter I’ve seen somebody renting a chainsaw. For $50 you can either rent a nice Makita for a day, or you could buy a cheapie from Hazard Freight

I have a chainsaw and live in Pflugerville as well. I am happy to assist with getting it cut, but prefer not to be out there in the dead of the heat, so if we can do early morning or late afternoon I am happy to assist.



Cheap electric chainsaw should be enough for this.

That’s a chinaberry tree- they’re invasive and hard to kill. It will grow back from the stump over and over.

You would do well to apply Garlon herbicide to the stump right after cutting. It needs to be applied right after cutting for its vascular system to take it down to the roots, it’s ineffective if you do it later because the stump will seal off the exposed vascular passages.

Garlon’s a special order thing though, and I don’t think Roundup will work as well.

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What @dannym said is super important to make sure this sucker doesn’t come back. My dad even goes as far as drilling holes into the stump and pouring I believe 30% vinegar or orange oil into them to kill them.

Went and got some tree killer from tractor supply. Had an arborist out and he basically said all my trees are trash which is neat haha. Definitely would appreciate the help with this guy as it’s the most urgent.

I’m here until Friday this week or I’ll be back sometime next week. Happy to get the work done in the morning to avoid the heat

We had a similar amount of a “trash tree” bummer, and need for removal when I first moved into my house. It ends up ok, despite what I imagine you might currently be thinking

Good luck!

Yeah I’m sure it’ll be fine, but I would prefer to be able to keep my 15 year old shade trees. They’re stable for now but they’re hackberry so apparently it’s likely they’ll die and drop big branches

Yeah - the hackberry dont live as long as some other trees. But as long as they aren’t endangering anyone or anything, keep them up. We had two that were falling apart, but like actively so.

Yeah that’s the plan for the moment, but I’ve been cutting down all the little guys all morning.

I also planted younger trees that will grow into some amount of the same shade space of the larger trees that I know are going to die

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Ah yeah good idea

It is done. My neighbors were doing some work and offered to help with my tree. Thanks for the advice