Anybody want a free Cubex Duo for parts?

It’s a 3D printer, but a crappy overweighted design. They did work, to the extent that they were originally designed. Does have dual extruders but the tech’s just dated.

I’ve got two of them, anybody want them for parts? Otherwise I’m setting out for bulk trash pickup.

Ill take one, and both if no one else wants the other.

I’d love the second one! Are they on the shelf in the printer room?

No, I’d have to hand them off

I can come around pretty much anytime thia week.

I am new to 3D printing but if one of these work enough to get me started or at least enough parts that I can build a working unit I would greatly appreciate one. I have been unable to afford one. I will be at your location on June 7 for a class. Thanks for the offer. Please let me know if I can receive one since I’m sure there will be many responses

OK it’s going to be a bit before I get to it in the back of the garage, but I’ll let people know