Anybody interested in a Magic Trackpad for parts or experimentation?

I have an Apple Magic Trackpad that suffered battery failure. It’s been replaced and I was holding the old one over the trash when I realized there’s some potentially neat stuff in there… anybody want to play with it?

  • Other than the battery (which has been disposed of) it’s in good working order. If you source a replacement battery it should be good as new (less the bottom cover, which was damaged).
  • On USB power it works fine as a trackpad but haptic feedback is disabled. I assume it’s something to do with overcurrent protection; I couldn’t say if it just knows not to run the haptics amps without a battery present, or if there’s some kind of reactive anti-brownout that could be circumvented with a beefier supply. Come to think of it, haptics would probably work if you apply power to the battery connector instead of USB; I didn’t try it.
  • The lightning connector appears to be a convenient module with mounting screws and a flex cable.

Hey Jon, I would be interested in fixing the Magic Trackpad and playing with the technology. I’m not an Apple guy but I know their tech is good. I can meet you at the space or you can just throw it in co-working on my desk if the device is not already spoken for. Cheers

It’s all yours! I left it in your co-working cube this evening.

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Thanks Jon