Any other HAMs at Asmbly?

Hey folks, I recently got into amateur (HAM) radio. Got my Technician and General licenses in the last month, and getting my ham shack setup for HF.

Any other Hams at Asmbly?



Ham here. Though I haven’t done much with it. I have some Motorola xpr7550 handhelds that I use every so often and an Icom 5100d in the truck.

I still want to do more just haven’t had the time.


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Nice! I also have the 5100 in my truck. Lots of features to get used to.

I have a Yaesu FT5DR handheld that I’m not sure I like. Icom’s menu systems seem much more intuitive to me I guess. I may end up selling the Yaesu in favor of an Icom handheld.

I just picked up an Icom 705 that I’m hoping to do some Parks On The Air (POTA) with.

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I’m HAM-curious. assuming we don’t have a critical mass of radio amateurs at Asmbly, are there any other groups in town that do radio things?

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There are several amateur radio clubs in the area. The ARRL publishes a list of clubs they are affiliated with on their website:

The ARRL list isn’t exhaustive, but it’s a good place to start.

I’m going to the Williamson County Amateur Radio Club (WCARC) meeting Thursday, and eventually plan on checking out the Oak Hill Club.

I’d also be happy to meet up and talk radio anytime, though I’m still very new to it all and figuring things out myself.

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I’m interested. I have a technician study book but haven’t finished it.

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I used (the app, specifically) to study for the Tech and General. I was personally more interested in getting the licensing out of the way and learning by doing than I was of learning everything before getting licensed, so HamStudy was great for that.


I got excited for you HAM enthusiasts when I saw this banner but got home and realized one too many A’s


I signed up. I have some cheap crap, equipment but I am officially part of the Austin HAM group.

73 DE KC2KOA. ← Discourse would not let me post just this, ha.

Nice, so there are some other hams here!

I’m headed to Caddo Lake State Park tours weekend and taking along my new-to-me ICOM IC-705 to hopefully activate the park on Parks On The Air. It’ll be my first HF contacts, and hopefully my first POTA activation.

I’m also currently 3D printing some parts to build a couple of loading coils for a DIY version of the Wolf River Coils vertical antenna:

@0xKruzr are you a CW operator?