Any Ideas for a new Ardunio Board - Giga R1

My contacts at Arduino sent me a Giga R1 for evaluation. This is a new board that is loaded with lots I/O, wifi, BT, audio jack, USB A+C, 2x DAC and 12x PWM. Looking for suggestions on projects.

Link: Arduino GIGA R1 WiFi — Arduino Online Shop

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Considering the stuff it says in their blogpost here, you definitely want to thing something bigger here or it’ll be a wasted opportunity.

First thing that comes to mind is the central controller for a home automation system to be controlled remotely. Dual core would make it easier to run a web server listening for remote connections while simultaneously running a separate program potentially to control the actual home automation based on remote commands received.

Alternatively, this might be well suited for robotics projects in which machine learning or time accuracy are a big value. Any more complex project would be good for a board like this it seems. Not sure if it would normally be my first choice of board due to it being a bit pricey and overkill for most projects, but definitely seems like a solid board.

Will it run Linux CNC?

Microcontroller, not microcomputer, so I’m guessing it can’t run Linux at all.

So far the board supports Arduino and Micro Python.