Another successful Workday

Thanks to everyone who showed up for (including those who did something extra beforehand, in honor of) workday. Lots of tasks, big and small, were taken care of. And James provided an amazing BBQ spread.

Just some of the stuff done on Saturday.
Jointer and planer cleaned, and teeth turned. Tuned up.
Large Bandsaw cleaned up. (Still need to replace the blade, again).
New outlets in ELab
New outlets in Textiles.
New outlet in Laser room, for vacuum cleaner. (Should stop the annoying breaker trip that takes down the lasers).
Lasers cleaned out, screens power washed.
Reorganized Textiles
Shared PC’s moved to Textiles
Occupancy sensor light switch in shop bathroom.
Large belt sander belts power washed.
All cast iron in woodshop cleaned and coated
All portable dust collectors’ filters cleaned up and bags changed.
Pre filters on Blue Ox air scrubbers in Woodshop changed.
Ethan had a whole crew working on cleaning out the auxiliary room. Windows are roughed out already.
Tool wall moved, again.
Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. Everywhere.

Some of these simple sounding tasks had a lot of detail and effort to them. Pulling wire, cutting and fitting shelving, etc…

I was able to get some photos. If you were there and took photos, please add them to this post.
If I missed something in the done list, speak up! Post it!

Thanks again, everyone! Asmbly only improves with member efforts, and these workdays are a way to get a lot of stuff done in one fell swoop.


Mea culpa, I forgot to clean up the panel saw after breaking down that table top. Thank you to whomever came along behind me.


Same story, I forgot to drain and roll up the garden hoses after power washing the laser beds. Thanks to whomever did that for me!


What a fine group of folks! Shout out to the usual suspects, but this time a special shout out to @jamesfreeman for sweating over a hot pit for much of the day, and a personal thanks to @valerie for the vegetarian love, and @cfstaley for feeding the coffee monkey on my back.