Anodizing aluminum

I noticed a question above by Fred Martin asking if the Hackerspace has an eyewash station, but I did not see an answer to that question. The UT surplus auction currently has an eyewash station for sale, in case you do not have one.
Auction ends today at 1 PM, and the current bid price is $10 + fees
I went to see the items in this auction today. The eyewash station is a cheap plastic one, but it looks like it would work. It is that round yellow thing in the photo. The other stuff in the lot with it looks like scrap to me.

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We actually do have one in the clean room.

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The bio room is probably an appropriate place for an eyewash station. It might might be nice to have one out in the open maybe by the large sink by the tablesaw. Iā€™m sure very people know that we have an eye wash station Or where it is. I can try to make a sign by the other sinks and in the bathrooms that say where the eyewash station is. People will see it there before they have an injury and know where to go.

Fred Martin