Annual Meeting Dec 2d — Board Elections Open and Exciting News

The First-Wednesday community meeting of December 2nd, to be held over Zoom, will commence our Annual Meeting.

  • Candidates for the board will attend to answer questions
  • We will open voting over Helios, to close two weeks after the meeting
  • There’s some cool milestones to celebrate and future developments to celebrate.
  • …and such other business as people propose

Zoom link and other details will follow closer to the event.

If you would like to bring business before the membership at the meeting (i.e. add something to the agenda), you must let us know before November 23rd (Monday)

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THanks for posting, Flip, just wanting to make sure people see this and are aware – please post questions or topics, ask questions, etc. You may email to add business – we are working on an agenda with times etc. this coming weekend.

Cool! It might be good to send an email about this since not everyone checks the forums regularly.

Good call, I’ll cross-post to atxhs-announce@ etc. Incidentally, you can set up discourse to direct certain topics to your email and even respond to threads as if it was a mailing list.(*)

(*) To some people this is a great convenience, which I find baffling but wanted to share.

We included it in the last Mailchimp email that went out on 10/28, but it will also be in the one that goes out today or tomorrow and mention the annual meeting in the subject line.

Just sent out the Mailchimp update with info on this (Mailchimp update 11/22/20).

We’ll be using the same Zoom link we use for 1st Wednesday Member Meetings - Zoom link
Meeting ID: 821 8717 5762
Join by phone +1 346 248 7799

Hope everyone has a nice safe holiday week ahead and see y’all 12/2 at 7:30p!

Who is running on the board election now? My understanding is only Ops is up, who is actually running?

All board terms are 1 yr, so at the Annual Member Meeting all positions are voted on.

Here’s the agenda for tonight. See y’all soon!

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In case you missed this meeting, you can see a good recap of info in the agenda doc here or download the Zoom recording here.

@voters don’t forget to sign the electronic joinder at so you can get your ballot!