Announcing new leadership appointments! (although they've been leaders in the space for a while ;) )

In case you missed it in the Annual Report that went out with the newsletter, I wanted to be sure to highlight these two individuals who have stepped up to take on official leadership roles at Asmbly.

James Freeman

Our “get it done” guy has stepped up to officially take on the role of Director of Operations! James has been an incredible force when it comes to transforming the space at Asmbly. I don’t think I’m off based in estimating he’s personally cleared out/removed/hauled off over 50 yds of trash/cruft from the space. He has been spearheading numerous space upgrades such as the laser room and lobby renovations, and continuously looks for ways to engage more members in the space. I’m really excited to have James working more closely with the board so we can keep up with his pace and continue transforming the space into a beautiful, clean shop!

Charlie Staley


Another staple at Asmbly who has already been leading several initiatives is now formally our Shop Supervisor. Charlie has taken our modest shop steward program and turned it into an organized group making huge strides on machine maintenance, repairs, and communication. As the program continues to grow, he’s ensuring stewards have clear direction on their role and have everything they need to help keep all the tools running at the space. I’m also grateful to have Charlie joining as an at-large board member this year helping make high level decisions on the strategic aspects of the organization.

With these new appointments come a few changes to highlight as well. @JoeN and @EricP -- who have both served multiple board terms across Asmbly and ATXHS -- are stepping back from board work to focus on other endeavors. Both of these guys stuck through on the board for countless long hours and difficult discussions as we navigated big changes and challenges amid a global pandemic, then worked through major organization transition with the change over to Asmbly. Really grateful to have served with each of them and happy to see them step back from the governance aspects to spend more time in the shop.

@Jon will also be transitioning to Director of Facilities (previously Dir Ops). We realized when writing out our organization structure and roles that he’s been more doing that, so really it’s just some title shifting but he’ll be doing the same things.

Round of applause for all these guys and the work they do to help make Asmbly an awesome community makerspace!


Check out the unfilled roles section on our wiki here for info on other leadership roles we’re looking for someone to help fill :awesome:


Congrats @jamesfreeman and @cfstaley!


Big shout out to @JoeN and @EricP for everything they have done and continue to do. They always go above and beyond.


Agreed. @JoeN and @EricP are amazing!


You two are great! Thanks for jumping on(the)board!


Yes, they are great! We’re really grateful to have Charlie on the board and James closely board adjacent :blush:


I thought both Charlie and James already were in leadership positions :slight_smile:

Glad to see it! Thank you both for everything you do!


Congratulations to both of you!


So happy to see space get continued good leadership!