Aluminum Cutting (rookie)

Hey there! Im a CNC router rookie and I have some aluminum cutting questions. I’m getting a 12" x 24" piece of aluminum from Home Depot to make a mock up. The thing Im cutting out will be approximately 10" x 14". thickness of aluminum is .019". I also want to cut out some text as part of the design.

What bits/settings would you recommend? Thanks!

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Check out this thread. Aluminum cutting questions - #2 by JoeN

My reccomendation is drillman1 on ebay. The local store for drillman1 is Sparktech.
Your thickness could be cut probably in 1 pass with an al cutting endmill at probably 50 ipm? I don’t know your design. I’m guessing you should use blue tape/super glue/activator as your hold down. youtube

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Hi Joe!

I apprecaite your response. I ended up going to Sparktech and getting a bit from there. The one thing I’m a little confused by is where to get the database for the bit so I can import into VCarve. Where do I go to find it?

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What brand is the bit? You may be able to find a file on the tool’s website, but I’ve often just grabbed the big Amana database from toolstoday and found a roughly equivalent bit to use their settings.
Here’s the page

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Amazing thank you for sharing Adam! This is the bit I got is an LMT Onsrud, diameter 3/32", single flute, 63-603.
The guys at SparkTech mentioned something similar: If I cant find database for the exact bit, find something similar. Is there any part of the dimensions of the bit that needs to be exact?

Also if it helps, im using Fusion 360.

I think pretty much just diameter and # of flutes “need” to be exact

“need” in quotes because all the settings are adjustable based on material, depth of cut, etc etc.

Try the tool setting for one of these bits: Amana 51372-Z, Amana 51472-Z, Amana 51472