Aluminum cutting on IQ

Tonight, I cut some Aluminum diamond plate for @JOSEGAYTAN. The IQ cut it beautifully. 75 ipm, .0235 depth of cut, 18,000 rpm single flute .25in bit.

After it was cut out, he took it to the lasers and used Cera Coating to add a great black outline.

Fun project to help out on, and the results are great.


I am really shocked that that RPM worked out. On the mill, I’d use 1/10 of that speed.

you can use psuedo high speed machining techniques to cut fast

In my limited experience, the higher rpm’s work with the higher feed rates. Ive done some at slower speeds and rpms and didnt have as much success.

I’ll be in tomorrow to try some aluminum on the Swift. Just simple test pieces but things I need.

Thank you, James

That is good to know, real world usable feeds and speeds. Great looking project.