Aluminium extrusions pls

Where can I get aluminium extrusions in at least 60" lengths but down for up to 12’ lengths?
Also, hoping to have it within 2-3 weeks

I believe I need 80/20 but also I’m not exactly sure what that size means lol
Basically like the big CNC aluminium would be great!

McMaster has everything you need. Not sure if it’s pricier than usual. Are you looking for an alternative? 80/20 I believe is a brand of aluminum extrusion – not necessarily a size.

Could be wrong about that though? Usually the notation — 2020, 4020, 4040, 8020, etc means the dimensions of the profile in mm (i.e. 2020 = 20mmx20mm) I don’t think that 80mm x 20mm is very easy to find though.

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There are also imperial extrusions. You can buy from here

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60" length is not a problem to ship, but 12’ is oversize and a bit difficult to acquire. It becomes an LTL shipment. Usually with oversize stuff it’s really important to order everything at once because the oversize shipping premium is a big add-on per shipment

I think you can get the oversize stuff shipped to an 8020 distributor easier, and then drive up there and pick it up. But the distributors in Texas are not nearby- Plano, Allen, Addison. There’s likely still a shipping fee to get it to the distributor. Give them a call.

T-slot is specified by the outer dimensions, but confusingly can be metric or inch. 1515 inch=1.5"x1.5", 4080 (metric)=40mmx80mm. So, always pay attention to whether it’s metric or inch system.

The mfg name “80/20” isn’t a size, but easily confused with one. The name actually comes from a saying.

80/20 is not the only mfg of T-slot framing systems. Bosch Rexroth is another mfg.

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Awesome, thank you so much guys!
I thought I needed 2020 but I kept seeing YouTube folk talk about 80/20.

That makes a LOT more sense. I’ll call around everywhere you all have recommended.

And ya, as far as shipping goes, I’m sure it’ll cost a bunch to ship large pieces. If I don’t find someone locally, I won’t mind bolting a couple smaller lengths together.

Thanks again!

I’m late to the party but have you checked Open Builds