Almost a new member/project planning

Hi everybody! Just gotta say, I’m super excited to be joining Asmbly (orientation and woodshop safety classes scheduled for next week) I’ve been looking through the website as well as the workshop tour video and the only question I cannot seem to find an answer to is, what do I do about projects that take time to dry/cure?

I guess I should explain what I’m trying to accomplish. I have been planning a Soundsystem build for quite a while. I have mocked up the designs in fusion360. However, these are no ordinary home or car audio speakers. They are pro audio subwoofers intended for large scale festivals. (don’t worry, I’ll only be making one box at a time) There are multiple steps such as glueing and painting that will take anywhere from 24 hours to 2 days to fully dry and cure. What is the protocol for projects that need to be left alone for a moderate amount of time? I do not plan to store the speakers at the workshop unless they are in that curing process and I think they are larger than any of the rental storage space so that isn’t an option either.

Thanks for the help and I can’t wait to start making.

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Discourse won’t let me embed or link a photo here so I have set the fusion360 render of the subwoofers as my header photo on my profile page if anyone is interested in checking it out!

We have glue up tables that can be used and other than that, it would be a case by case basis. Really it’s just letting us know how much time the curing would take I think and planning from there.

Also welcome to the space! I too plan on making my own high end speakers this year so now I have someone else to bug with questions lol.

Yeah, what @Devmani said. In the workshop there are 6 worktables, and two of them (nearest to the CNC machine) are designated for table storage for up to 3 days to allow for glue ups/paint/resin to dry/cure. As long as they fit on the worktables, you can leave it there. It’s just not meant for long term storage and will need to be picked up or attended to within 3 days. You’ll learn more about the different types of storage in your orientation and woodshop safety class.

Welcome @nortonw3! Sounds like a fun cool project :awesome:

Here is some more details and specifics on storage at Asmbly (and another resource in info binge if you haven’t surfed our wiki yet :joy: ) – Storage Policies - Asmbly Wiki