All Cold Saw Users, Please Respond to This

If you have ever used the Cold Saw, I would like to know what you cut using it, e.g., 1" mild steel tube with 1/8" wall, or 3" medium steel L, 1/4" thick, or 1"x3" aluminum plate. Include an estimate of how many pieces of each type you cut. A rough estimate (e.g., a few, dozens, hundreds) is fine.

I will take all the answers I get by Monday into account to determine if we need a different blade than we have been using.

1"x3" 11ga wall mild steel rectangular tube ~ 10 cuts
1"x.125" mild steel bar ~ 5 cuts

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I’ve had bad results every time I’ve tried to use it. My cuts are always 6061 bar stock, usually 0.5 to 1.0 thick by 2-3” wide. I almost always just use the bandsaw instead. When I am cutting it is usually 5-20 cuts at a time.

3/8"x1" 4140 ~10 cuts
3/4"x3/4" 11ga mild steel tube ~20 cuts
1"x1" 11ga mild steel tube ~20 cuts
1-1/2"x4" 7075 - 1 cut (slow, loud, difficult. I moved to the horizontal bandsaw for remaining cuts)

I’ve never used it except for the class.

I will be cutting 2x2” .120 wall.
Also .095 wall.