"Alert me about new classes" feature

This might be something the main site already does and I just haven’t figured it out: is there a way to be alerted when new classes are scheduled?

For example, I’m interested in the stained glass class that was mentioned in the last newsletter and would like to be alerted when it gets posted. From what I can tell, I should either check the class postings page, monitor the threads here, or use a third-party site monitor for site updates. Am I missing some built-in feature where I can simply Ron Popeil my way into a “set it and forget it” solution?

We don’t have a built-in feature, but it’s on our list! If an enterprising member with bandwidth wants to take on that project, we’d love to set something like that up. It will probably have to be scripted with the Neon API, which we’ve got lots of examples of written in Python. I don’t think Neon has built-in functionality for it.

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Thanks @valerie! I’m hopeless when it comes to code so I unfortunately can’t help out, but I’m glad to hear others have thought of it too :slight_smile:


Code?! I know code. Who would I contact?


@bwatt email it@asmbly.org!

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Email address was rejected because it could not be delivered.

Got the following from Asmbly.org admins

We’re writing to let you know that the group you tried to contact (it) may not exist, or you may not have permission to post messages to the group.

Ah thanks, the Google group settings must be off. I’ll adjust that and report back here.


I think I fixed the settings properly now. If it still gives you trouble, just email leadership@asmbly.org and let me know.

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Sent an email to ‘it@asmbly.org’ which worked/sent, but no response from anyone on the other end.

Give them a little time to respond. The admin team has been buried under recent and upcoming projects. Thanks for your interest in helping with this.

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I replied to your email yesterday evening @bwatt. Can you check again?

Thank you. Got the email. Now investigating your github repo.

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