Air nailer replaced

Hi guys,

I was trying to setup a small job with scrap wood today… but I couldn’t get the nailer to work. Long story short, while trying to get the nailer to work I jammed the magazine.

I tired to fix it but failed. I am sure there smarter people than I in the maker space that can easily fix this.

Anyway since I broke it I bought an exact same unit as a replacement. I am leaving the new and the old unit on the cnc table for the next person to use.

I apologize for breaking the original air nailer :frowning:


Thank you for posting about this, and for the replacement. I believe that old nailer was already on its way out, no fault of yours.

I do want to clarify that this type of nailer should never be used on the CNC machine. We don’t uses steel nails on the spoilboard. The fiber composite nailer is out for repair right now. It is actually ready for pick up, but they won’t be open until Monday for pickup.

Hi James,

the reason i failed to make the nailer work was because i was trying to cramp the fiber composite nail into this 18 ga nailer. I was trying to use the right nail with the wrong nailer.

Anyway, I am hoping to learn from my mistake and use the right nailer next time :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:


I got the fiber nails out. Maybe it will work again?

No worries Thomson

The space thanks you for the new replacement, I am sure the old one will limp/live on for a while longer. I bet it has not seen a drop of oil since it arrived in the space.

Happy thanksgiving to your and your clan

Peace, Wolf

I am glad to hear you were able to get the nails out. I hope it works again as well.

Belated happy thanksgiving to you as well.

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