AI fun w/ 3D Printer

Thanks to the 3D printing class I was able to explore a workflow I had been talking to a co-worker about that uses AI to generate 3D models.

Basic work flow is:

  • Mid-Journey: Prompt creates images, in this case on a Space Cowboy theme

  • Upload a Mid-Journey image to Kaedim 3D, which uses AI to generate a 3D models from an image.

  • Import into Prusa Slicer for scaling and orientation. See Note #1

  • Upload to printer and go!

A little stringy and a little rough on the backside but not bad for a little experiment and my first print at ASMBLY:

Note #1: We did import the Kaedim model into Fusion and Solidworks, trying to convert from mesh to solid although it might have actually been a scale issue in the slicer…shout out to Alex Lewis for the help!!

Note #2: Rumor has it that Kaedim might not be using AI to generate models…instead relying on human modelers working furiously to generate a la mechanical turk. Either way it’s pretty interesting…and the model was done in about an hour.

I’ll upload the Mid-Journey image later so you can see the starting point


Thanks for posting this, quite interesting.

Thank you for sharing! Looks like you’ve learned some things, but that is a really great first effort!

Here are some images from Mid-Journey and the one I chose, the prompt was “a cowboy in a spacesuit”:

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Screenshots from Kaedim 3D:


An hour seems both too long to be AI and too short to be human… kinda insane. How much did you pay for the service?

@HannaKessler I had planned on using a free trial but they were at capacity, so I signed up for pay as you go($20 a credit) and they use credits for models based on the quality you want…I think mine was high quality and used 2 credits, so $40 all told. Not cheap but to test the wizardry seemed worth it .

On the time, it’s definitely interesting…I was wondering why it took the time it did, one is my model was pretty large…I hadn’t figured out how to size so it was 200cm or about 6ft tall in real life, it also said it had a pretty high poly count approx. 30k, and judging from their free trials being at capacity maybe it’s popular so slowing the time to generate?

On the website it says “in minutes”:

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That’s also impressive

P.S. I tried giving Kaedim 3D a general image of a geometric wall art and it rejected the image by saying that the image was not of a character definition. So Kaedim 3D appears to be looking for a humanistic form or something like one to convert to 3D. Too bad, I was hoping for more.

Here is the image I gave Kaedim 3D to convert to a 3D file format.


I am highly interested in “Generative design” by Solidworks and Fusion 360. Thanks for sharing.

@bwatt Bummer they couldn’t make that pattern, always good to test the limits though!!

I think they demo with a variety of objects(characters, chair, vehicle) so it’s interesting for it to say it’s not a character…but thinking about their intended use for video games it kinda makes sense.