After Workday Help #2 Move sewing machine [COMPLETE]

The plans for what goes where continue evolving so as to minimize cost and maximize impact. While this may not be the final home for the sewing machine (currently in the craft loft), we’d like to go ahead and get it moved down to the area where the 3D printers used to be (see picture below). This area isn’t totally cut off from dust (yet!), but it should still be an upgrade from the current location (yay window with natural light!). It will also be nice having it in a more visible location to bring more members’ attention to it.

Sewing machine tables can be surprisingly heavy, so this is one best done with a friend. The table in this picture is temporarily filled with electronics stuff, but should be cleared back off soon and left pretty clear for use for laying out fabric.

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Thanks for getting this moved @dash3811!