After Workday Help #1 Dust collection

We have been working on improving the dust collection system and we tried to tie into the table/miter saw unit to run the planer side as well but it t doesn’t have quite enough “oomph” to run all.

Would someone take the time to go through and revert back to the old style for now or find some other solution.


The limiting factor is the flow resistance of the 4" hose between the cyclone and the Y behind the table saw.

Yep tested it a bit. The can is actually doing its job pretty well and catching the bulk of the planer shavings. The dust collector itself can support multiple tools.

The hand router table isn’t hooked up currently as one of the tool sensors is defective.

The table saw was massively clogged up but it was unrelated to the system’s reconfig. The flex hose inside the saw had pulled off the port and it both left the system pretty wide open as well as clogging up the saw completely.

The canister filter is somewhat clogged again, although only partially, and it’s reducing system capacity.

The 4" run to the table saw there is showing to be a prob for flowing multiple tools in that direction at the same time. Not sure yet what the best answer is.

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