Affinity Designer

The Affinity software : ( edit; currently not on sale ) : seems like it deserved its own thread.

I also just picked up their suite, three-for pack, Version 2 of Affinity Designer, Affinity Photo and Affinity Publisher on all operating systems, including iPad. I was looking for an easier and cheaper alternative to Adobe. Joined the Apple eco system earlier this year with the purchase of a used iPad because I liked the hardware layout and I’ve been trying to find good design software. This works across all my platforms.


What’s the sale price.vs regular price?

It was $84 for the whole suite vs $164 regularly I believe

Ok yeah, looks like it’s back to its regular price.

Yeah, I got my Universal License for $98 +tax, 40% off. I guess they do 50% off sometimes so be patient maybe.

I’m very impressed with the capability of the Affinity suite. Still trying to wrap my head around the app, old dog and all that.

I will also add that I had reason to interact with their customer support a while back, and I found them very reasonable to work with. They are in Europe, so a slight time disconnect, but that was to be expected