Advice on building steel part with a bend

Hi y’all,

I’m interested in fabricating the following part out of 2mm steel as machining practice:

I’ve included rough dimensions in mm. You’ll notice that this includes a 90 degree bend to create a flange, and I’m not completely sure the best way to perform the bend. It seems as though this is too thick for the sheet metal machine and too oddly shaped for the bender.

Any advice or resources you could point me to? Much appreciate y’all’s help!

V blocks and a vise. Or V blocks in the press if it needs more persuading. You can machine blocks with the right radii out of scrap if you’re looking for some more machining practice :slight_smile:


That’s a neat idea! I’ll give it some thought. Thanks for your suggestions! :slight_smile:

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I don’t know if you factored in the bend radius for the part you are wanting to make. Youtube


Interesting, I’ll take a look. Thank you!