Advanced sanding class?

I think the name of this class is missleading and should be changed. My apologies in advance if it is trully an Advanced Sanding class. A suggestion to a name would be “Specialty Sanders Orientation Class.” To me an Advanced sanding class would be one that covers different techniques to enable a student to get better, faster, and to more efficiently use abrasives. It would offcourse cover what is an abrasive and the different kinds of available abrasives to woodworking. It is my understanding that this class covers the operation or how to use the new sanding machines. These machines although new to the space, are not advanced sanding. They have been around for a good while. As a matter of fact the spindle sander is so basic and safe that there are hardly any videos on youtube (if you want to use that as an indication). Anyway even without looking at a class outline, im sure the class does not even cover jigs or backing boards that can be used on this machines. That i would consider somewhat advanced for the machines but not advanced sanding. Is probably not even hands on (like the 2 X 4 you use for the wood safety class). In my opinion teaching the proper use of new sanding machines is not “Advanced Sanding” but it could be a very good class offered to the members based on my observations of techniques people use in their projects.