AC vacuum pump and gauges

So not entirely shop related, but I was hoping someone had a vacuum pump and gauges for r410. I bought a mini split ac unit and need to vacuum the system before opening the Freon valves. Can pick up and return after use.

Can you rent one from Autozone? The automotive gauges are used with R134a, so it’s a question of whether that can be used with R410a. Google says there’s a minor concern because they use different oil and there will be a very small residue of the wrong one inside the gauges, but you can blow it out with nitrogen (or air, it’s getting vacuumed anyhow) before and after.

I’ve seen a vac pump in the auto bay. Idk if you can take it out of the shop though.

R410 has different fittings then the R134a, so you’ll need gauges that have the proper connectors.

I do have the adapters.