AC systems in the shop

I want to let everyone know that we can’t leave the garage door open it is getting hot and humid. The ac system is not made to handle the loss of cold air and the influx of humidity. It taxes the system and costs extra money which could go into more fruitful endeavors such as tools. If your vehicle can’t fit into the autobay please work on the project outside of the bay and keep the garage door closed. If you are loading material. Please make it as quick as possible.

I also noticed the unit above the miter station was set to 72 deg. I set a normal temp on it. It is now frozen.
If you are under an ac unit and you hear a gurgling sound please report it. We added a water bug alarm. If you hear an annoying alarm, please report it. At some point after the alarm starts. The catch tray for the ac system will over flow and dump water on the floor or in this case the table saw runout table. The catch tray is a backup and is not intended to catch condensation if the ac system is working properly.