AC system working?

I’m curious what’s going on with the AC system? Is it being worked on or are we waiting on something? The workshop hasn’t been less than 81 in a long time. It’s pretty toasty in there.


I think it might just be set to a higher temperature. @EricP mentioned that he ups it sometimes when there are people with vehicles in the autobay with the door open so we aren’t wasting AC. Can someone double check whether it’s on and set for a lower temp? I think 75 or so is probably a good temp to set it to.

When I was in the space on Tuesday afternoon, I noticed that the unit above the table saw was off. I turned it back to cool. Target temp was set to 78

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The unit above the CNC hasn’t seemed to work for a while. @Jon mentioned having the maintenance team check it during their visit soon. Any updates on that?

Well, they’ve been really short on maintenance, to be frank. These filters need to be changed every couple of weeks, that’s something we can and must do, but I don’t understand the plan here. They’re looking in pretty bad shape now.

We have an additional challenge. With the doors demo’ed, the dust getting to the laser room/lounge is now much higher. I was in yesterday and checked, basically all the units were operating far past where the filters need to be replaced.

maintenance is this week friday. All filters will be replaced and units checked out mechanically.

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@valerie Right, A/C down to a good temp is basically a lost cause while the rear door is open, and for about an hour or so after. The door being open for an extended period of time, unlike say sunlight heating through a window, brings not only heat but moisture with the new air. As much as we think of Texas summer air as a “dry heat”, that hot outside air actually contains quite a lot of moisture. Removing the moisture load takes a significant amount of cooling capacity. Easy enough to see, the condensate drains going into the sink you can see just how much it’s condensing.

While 75F is certainly possible in cooler months, that probably isn’t a realistic target in the summer, although it is cooling off. 78F-80F is probably a realistic range to set it to.

I asked to help with this in the past, but never got any response on how to actually help with it.

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@valerie the thermostats all have labels that say “never set below 78.” Do we know if that is still necessary? I don’t want to set it lower if it’s going to make the ac system explode lol

Yep 78 is the number.

Yup, sorry didn’t know the exact number offhand.

@Jon Ditto here. I can do some basic AC diagnostics as well.

Thanks @zackg @jamesmcnees we have professional PM service done on a quarterly basis as required by our lease.
The main thing we need help with is just changing filters out every 2-3 weeks.
I will coordinate with you guys directly if that’s of interest.


@EricP Sorry for the confusion, I was specifically replying to the filter changes that need to be done, I can help with that on a regular basis.

@jamesmcnees I can show you what needs to be done with the filters