Abrasive Blaster

Hi All - the abrasive blaster seems OK but media is not coming out of the nozzle. Could a steward check the line to see if there is a clog or if more media needs to be added? Thanks.

hmm. I changed the nozzle a week or so ago. I will have to empty the hopper and see if some debris is clogging the mixing valve.

I came in today to use the blaster at 12:30 and observed the same. It’s my first time using the tool so wasn’t sure whether I was doing something wrong.

Air appeared to be coming from the nozzle but no material.

I briefly checked the feed line yesterday and there was no clog there, so it’s probably in the mixing valve. Unfortunately didn’t have time to empty it and check yesterday.

Also, I left the induction air port on the mixing valve closed when I left, so if anyone else gets to it first, open that back up.

I’m not sure how to do that. Do you think it will be working tomorrow?

Abrasive blaster is working


Thanks, Joe.