About the Proposal Considerations category

This section is viewable by everybody, but only current paying members can create or reply to threads here’s.

This section is for informal discussion of things members are wanting to see. These can be suggestions for the board, changes in policies, or things that will eventually become a formal voting proposal.

This can be a short paragraph, or a lengthy proposal. Either is allowed here. But the more planned out your proposal is at the beginning the easier it is for others to understand.

Discussion for or against a proposal should remain within the thread that started it. Do not create side topics to discuss something that already has an active topic.

If this proposal moves to a formal submission to the board, the thread in this section should be closed, and a new thread in the voting matters section created where all future discussion should take place.

It is not required but recommended you write it with the following details planned out, so it is easier to transition to a formal proposal later.

  • Description of Benefits, Risks, and Drawbacks to the space
    • Why is this the best use of our time, enthusiasm and money? What other things will this disrupt?
  • Time and Cost estimate
  • What other help you need from the board
  • List the people committing to execute it, and who else you’ll need to join to succeed
  • If applicable, briefly describe why we shouldn’t build/buy a better version, and why we shouldn’t get a cheaper/easier one.
    • eg. “We should get helical heads because the finish is much better and it will tolerate a ding. We shouldn’t get one with a larger width because of space and cost; if people need a wider one they can use the CNC or have Fine Lumber do it”

[ edit by Tookys to clarify this section as an informal discussion forum for proposals ]