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It would be good to put expectations for each area in these about sections of these areas and maybe a link to the tools etc. that are expected to be working.

For example, in the metal shop the horizontal band saw blade is replaced by the stewards periodically but the chop saws are bring your own blade.(could add links for blades etc.)

also statements like if you are Heavy user of equipment (more than 4 times a month) for the mig welder you are expected to purchase Gas, tips etc. periodically.

Also a list of any other small consumables that you are expected to bring on your own such as, grinder wheels, cut of wheels etc. would also be helpful


Are you suggesting that information would be better off living in Discourse than in the wiki?

You basically described the template of a tool wiki page.

I think the goal would be both, have wiki links for each tool info but have an area overview/ general expectations that live here.