About the High-Value Limited-Time Projects ANYONE Can Do category

There are numerous tasks that the core volunteers believe will have significant impact on improving the space and reducing the human labor to operate it. We will post periodic lists of these tasks.

If you see a task you are able to help with, just reply to the post committing to a timeline that suits your schedule, let us know what help or supplies or information you need, and post again when it’s done. During COVID time you must still schedule your time when working on a small project, but it does not count against your quota and can earn extra time for steady contributors.

The core volunteers will work to support you with whatever materials and help you need. However all volunteers should commit to the following two things:

  • Propose a timeline in advance that suits your schedule,
  • Communicate with us if that timeline isn’t achievable or there are problems you didn’t expect

Otherwise, proceed boldly. You should ask for help, but you don’t need to ask for permission: it’s your project.

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