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Use this category to talk about your ideas on dream shops — the coolest tools you’d want to have, what would be in your ideal shop, organizing inspiration, etc.

Asmbly would like to have more specialties under its roof and it helps a lot to hear input from members on what they would want to see!

Not sure if y’all are thinking of staying in the current location or if these additions would be a result of a relocation, but there’s a vacant old mechanic shop right behind West Pecan that I think could be a great location. I could find the link to the retail space if interested!

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Dream shop?

Water jet / fiber laser

Tool changer and 12hp spindle on the cnc

More s p a c e

My dream would be to implement this book.

The Intentional Makerspace: Operations https://a.co/d/8MGnhyN

Thanks to @TravisGood for recommending it. I have now purchased 8+ copies of it, and share it with every maker space I visit and want to see succeed.

If you haven’t had an opportunity to check it out, I encourage you to do so.

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My random thoughts:

A place for curing epoxy/finish/paint that had dust controlled, temperature controlled and good ventilation.

A place for “messy” crafts/classes - I can envision painting classes - both artistic and better versions of the paint a sign places around town.

I love having the pre-cut panels in the laser room - some sort of general store for materials (figuring out the details could be difficult) would be awesome. Maybe also an associated gallery area where members could sell their creations.

A dedicated computer space for members wanting to do design work. Separate from other places (I tend to both need quiet and I also swear a lot while designing on the computer)

Maybe a dedicated classroom for smaller tools (Shaper, roll in the bandsaw, Domino etc) akin to the back of a Rockler/Woodcraft. This would enable teaching in a better environment then the general shop. The instructor headsets help overcome the noise of the DC but it is still a difficult environment at times for classes. It also takes space away from the general workshop.

Those are a few off the top of my head.

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And one more I think we don’t have to wait to implement in our current space -

A dedicated computer, camera and projector to enable better virtual meetings. This would allow members (read: me!) to virtually attend community meetings, enable better SIGs (our CNC SIG would benefit from this now) etc. A fixed overhead camera, computer w/ Zoom etc is pretty standard for most corporate conference rooms. Mics and speakers to truly enable remote participants to take part. The addition of a smaller mobile camera for showing off detail.

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