About the Disposition category

Disposition refers to the process we take to remove items from the space. Disposition is for items/tools that have either been donated, were brought to the space not using proper procedure, or hosted tools that no longer meet the needs of the membership.

For items with known owners, the owner will be contacted and given 30 days to retrieve their items. After 30 days, any items that their owners have not made arrangements for or for items that do not have an owner can be claimed by other members or recycled.

To claim an item, first check whether it is available in this Google Doc, then use the number associated with the item to fill out this form requesting it. Filling out the form to request an item, does not guarantee you the item. Please wait until you are told the item is yours to take before removing the item from the space.

Cleaning out the space gives us room to reorganize and add new spaces and equipment. Check out what we are aiming to add this year in our GoFundMe [here](https://charity.gofundme.com/o/en/campaign/growing-austins-creative-maker-community).