A new type of laser wood joint

You can see an in-depth explanation here (including file downloads) but the short version is that it’s a wedge joint, working as shown in their example:

Sooner or later I’ll give it a go myself but thought I’d share with all of you first, because in my case “later” could very well be in March… 2026.

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This is dope, thanks for sharing

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This joint is called a “fox wedge” mortise & tenon joint. It adds incredible strength and is a fantastic way to salvage a loose mortise and tenon joint.

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What makes it different though is that it has tiny tabs ok the wedge which makes that whole section one piece until you whack it with the hammer

I think it’s smart and simple, my only concern is pretty much any time I’ve put a hammer to thin plywood it cracks or breaks in some way

Also having the wedge as one piece makes it almost impossible to get glue in there