9/26 Woodshop Safety Class

Just wanted to verify that the woodshop safety class is still happening today. Me and a couple other people are waiting outside.

Just a quick update: George showed up at 9:30 and took some time to give both myself and another two individuals a tour of the space. He said it was highly unusual for Josh (the designated instructor) not to be punctual, hope everything is OK!

Thanks for posting @CNChoovey and sorry that happened! Yes, it is very unusual for @Joshcross. I’m not sure if @wynd has heard from him already. Thanks for helping out @gmossessian and giving the tour!

Hey! So sorry about that y’all. Everything is good now. I was out in rural Texas without cell service from Friday to Sunday. Did not intend to miss the class and I wasn’t able to get in touch. I’m happy to make it up whenever is convenient. Again sorry about that.

Awesome! maybe sometime this weekend?

I will be teaching the class this Sunday from 9 to 11am. If y’all are available to join in on that one that would work best for me.

cc @jlukecrewz and it looks like the third attendee, justine huang, is not on Discourse yet – might be worth reaching out to her by email @Joshcross. Glad everything’s OK!

Ok will be there

I’ll be there this Sunday