8/14/21 Work Day Recap (lots of pics! :awesome:)

Wow y’all! We got so much done at the space yesterday. What an amazing turn out and what incredible progress! So many people to give big thanks to, but I’ve got to start out with an enormous thank you to @cfstaley who drove this thing and made it happen. He spent a ton of time with the rest of the stewards team curating projects for members to do and worked with @EricP to make sure we had all the supplies on hand needed (made a few runs during the day to grab last minute items as well). He also brought some delicious coffee he roasted at home to keep everyone well caffeinated throughout the day. We started out our morning enjoying this and breakfast tacos from Buddy’s Mexican Grill. Thanks so much Charlie!

I tried to make a point to walk around and document things here and there throughout the day, but curating my pictures today reminded me there is a lot I missed, so apologies now for the ones I don’t have well documented here and any people I miss tagging.

The first thing you’ll notice from the work day today is the new door signs (and generally cleaner doors!). Thanks to @mgoodman, all of our doors are updated with our new name and logo as well as our website! We also went ahead and officially named the doors “Workshop Entrance” and “Main Entrance”.

Several members including @jamesfreeman worked together to replace drainage pipes in the workshop area that had gotten pretty sludgy on the inside. This was much needed maintenance and saves the space a lot of money.

@Maz @iisword and others helped reorganize the stewards supply cabinet (along with a lot of other various things). It will be so much easier to find things in there now, thank you guys! @JoeN and @EricP worked on various things all over the space including stuff on the scissor lift (dangit I didn’t get pictures of that!).

Another major change you’ll notice right away when you walk in the main entrance is the passage ways into the lobby, classroom, and workshop. @Vmikes @tomthm @gordoa40 and others worked together to expand the openings from the main entrance area to the workshop and to the lobby, as well as the entrance into the classroom from the lobby. These areas are still a work in progress, but are already looking awesome (keep an eye out for posts on how to help finish these out!). The plans for the new laser room have shifted several times, but we’ve settled on making the classroom their new dedicated home to minimize construction efforts. Here are some before and after pics for this area. Note the HUGE laser in the classroom that @dannym has been working on! We’re excited to get this one online in it’s new home :grin:




Opening up these passage ways is what made it possible to move the lasers to their new home (red and blue will get moved a little later once more is setup). It also allowed us to move the 3D printer area away from the workshop and into the lounge. The case is super heavy and took several strong members to get moved. Thankfully we were able to squeeze through the lounge doorway after popping off some extra vestigial pieces of the lounge door frame :sweat_smile: @dash3811 spent a lot of time getting everything set back up in the new space. We’ll have a whiteboard mounted next to this area for an easy way to quickly jot things down (watch for details in a separate post to help with this!).

We enjoyed some more tacos for lunch, this time from OneTaco (thanks @dash3811 for driving to pick that up!). We ended up with some leftover, so people who came to help later in the day had something to snack on as well.

With the big laser moved out of the exemption storage area, we were able to move a lot of disposition items out of the lounge including the two extra vending machines, dishwasher, and kitchen sink. @timafeich helped with this and moving the thermostat so that we could mount the wider whiteboard where the book shelves used to be (post coming for details on how to help finish this up).

@iisword @jamesfreeman @MMcATX helped with some final large item moves at the end of the day including the drink vending machine and fridge. @Caroline and I spent a bunch of time cleaning out the lounge and getting the computer stations better set up (now free of a grocery bag full of extraneous cords!).

Stay tuned for separate posts with details on how to help finish out some other items to get the lounge setup including moving more disposition items out, mounting a TV, pull down projector screen, and another whiteboard, and more.

The extra room in the exemption storage area also gave us space to rearrange project storage in the shop. @Mollie worked to audit the items currently stored on the project shelves and get it all moved over to it’s new home under the paid storage loft.

With that moved, we were then able to move the panel saw to that wall allowing for seamless load in of sheet material from the Workshop Entrance.

Lots of other items here and there were worked on and many more items left that are good one off things for people to help with. We’ll try to get as many of those little projects posted over the next week as possible. All in all, it was an incredibly productive work day that definitely made up for the lost time since the last one. I imagine we’ll have a number of small working groups over the next few months to help finish out stuff. I tried to make a point to talk to everyone that came out and get people’s names, but I know there are some I missed. I’m so very grateful to everyone who came and took time out of their weekend to help make the space better for everyone. This is what our community is all about :yellow_heart:

If you have pictures or extra details to share from things you worked on during this work day, please share here!


@mlemon – I’m emailing you a link to the GDrive folder I have originals saved in, but here’s some of the details behind the photos for social media posts :grin:

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Tremendous work everyone! I’m really impressed and appreciate everyone’s really hard work. I’m looking forward to seeing this all in person. Really amazing

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Thanks to everyone!! I was only able to come out for a couple of hours, but I got the room for the laser exhausts all cleaned up and ready to go! Ill try to come next week and help with other stuff that needs to be done!

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Wow it looks so great!! Thanks everyone, sorry I couldn’t make it.

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Updated progress pics on the laser room:

Thank you @Jon and @EricP for coming in to work on this! Also shout out to @Vmikes for working on the exhaust wall! Can’t run lasers without proper exhaust.

Added more pics of the 3D printer setup to the original post. Thanks again @dash3811 for your hardwork on that and sharing pics!

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Awesome work everyone! If I didn’t have my own work day remodeling a new home, I totes would have stayed longer!
I just came by to grab some items of mine from storage but I did grab a cup of coffee on the way out.

@cfstaley let me tell you: I’m not a coffee guy and all coffee tastes the same to me but wow. Serious, can I buy your coffee somehow?

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