7/27/21 - Return to mandatory masking

As of 7/23, Austin has moved back into stage 4 of their COVID-19 Risk-Based Guidelines. Since the beginning of the month, we’ve seen a sharp increase in cases, hospitalizations, testing positivity rate, and really all metrics around the spread of COVID. Latest research is finding vaccines provide less protection against new variants than originally thought (study findings range from 39-64% effective against delta for Pfizer, but still needs more research).

With this in mind and in accordance to APH’s recommendations, we are returning to mandatory masking at Asmbly effective today. I won’t have a chance to come by the space to update signage until the weekend, but if there is someone willing to help with that please message me so we can coordinate.

Dashboards for city data here


I can put up some signage if you can provide the verbage

Thank you @da5idii! I just shared the new sign with you from Google Drive. I don’t think we have a color printer hooked up at the space right now, but black and white is fine. I can also set it up to print at Kinkos if b/w doesn’t look good or you have any issues with the printers at the space.

The printer at the space is offline while the network is down. Last night when i ran an IP scan to see the devices on the network it was grayed out meaning it was offline.

I got them printed in B/W here and hung them up, I think they look fine as is, but if you want to get them printed in color there is a kinkos/fedex at 451 W Louis Henna Blvd, Austin, TX 78728 that I can pick them up on my way in

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Cool, I know Jon was up there in the last hour working on quick fixes for the network so sounds like the printer is back online. BW should be fine, thanks so much for doing that @da5idii!