4/5 Axis hot wire CNC

Is anyone interested in me hosting a 4/5 axis hotwire CNC at the space? I just started the build and figured others might be interested. I never hosted a tool at the space but there is always a 1st for everything. My guess is I will have it up and running by the end of October. I plan to start the build as a 4 axis and add a 5th rotary axis down the line.

Can you post a link to the type of CNC you’re talking about?

I was curious too, so I googled and found this 4 or 5 axis CNC hot wire Foam Cutter - Foam cube styrofoam demonstration - YouTube it looks pretty cool. Not sure if I would have a use for it or where it would go, but we seem to have a bit of extra room now with all of the laser moves and stuff so I’m sure we could find some space

This is the model I am building now. I am sure I will modify it to utilize real linear bearings and not 3D printed version and other enhancements as I see fit. The 5th axis I will figure out after the fact. I really only need 4 axis to cut foam wings.

Space is still pretty tight actually. We have a bunch lined up to move around once more items get cleared out. I think it would probably be several months before we know what kind of space we have available for new hosted tools. We’d need at least a quick synopsis on space and power needs to start considering where it might be able to fit in.

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