3D Printing in clay

I’ve been modifying a Creality CR-20 Pro to print clay over the past week or so, and finally got it to the point of laying down clay! LOTS of tuning left to do to get the finish to be much cleaner - I think I need to print slightly taller layers, and reduce the flow, but overall not a bad first print!


Looks good! I’ve considered doing it myself. What clay body are you using?

This one is Buffalo Wallow from Armadillo Clay.

Second print came out a little cleaner but still needs work. This is after drying overnight, so it’s not as shiny.

I ran out of clay mid way through the print, but I’m still in testing mode anyway.

Do you have a kiln? I’m planning to do a Cone 04 bisque firing on mine soonish.

I have a small kiln, yeah.

That’s great! I was so tempted by the Ceramabot when they came out with v2.0 but it sounds like it still has a lot of issues. Nice mod.

Glad that CR-20 is working out for your project! Looks good!

Even better!


This is such a fun journey to follow along with

Now to just get that layer height down! Looks pretty cool

Any shorter layer heights with this 4mm nozzle and it would squeeze the previous layer too much and probably push over the piece. I was feeling pretty happy with the layers but now I’m second guessing myself :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I tried putting on a 2mm nozzle but couldn’t get the clay to flow, still not sure why. Layers would be much smaller with that

It’s also hard to tell scale in that photo. These are fairly small cups, maybe 5 or 6 oz

I really like the look of the texture that it gets from the layering.

I’m excited to glaze some of them (I’ll probably only glaze the inside) and see how it interacts

Did you make the extruder yourself? Or playing with an OTS one?

It’s this one, with a custom mount to attach it to the CR-20: Cheap de-airing clay extruder by PiotrWasniowski - Thingiverse